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Featuring the Lonicera Berries

The Powerful C3G Provider

Lonicera is a delicious berry that has a myriad of names: Haskap + Honeyberry + Sweetberry + Berry Blue Honeysuckle + Indigo Treat. The cool temperate Northern Hemisphere in Canada is the perfect zone for growing these hardy plants. Because the Lonicera is untroubled by pests or disease, researchers were intrigued by how these awesome berries work and felt compelled to find the secret of the berry’s longevity. Because the Lonicera Berry was found to be strong and robust, capable of enduring difficult conditions, scientists were excited to find out how the human body would respond. Then during the research projects, it was discovered that Lonicera Berries were the perfect fruit to elevate cyanidin-3-glucoside (C3G).

Lonicera Berries

C3G has become a “buzz” in natural medicine because of its biochemistry capabilities. This powerful anthocyanidin antioxidant has been extensively researched and found to do no harm, while doing a plethora of good. A partial list of health conditions that were improved by C3G’s include the following: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver, joint pain, athletic recovery, Alzheimer’s disease and depression. Lonicera with C3G has an immense capacity for improving health and fighting degenerative diseases. It seems that each month we learn something new and remarkable about C3G. The absorption of the Lonicera Berries is great; therefore, the results are often very quick. There’s nothing like speeding the healing of damaged tissue. The C3G aspect of the Lonicera Berry is a botanical wonder. C3G can even help stop insulin resistance and thus, prevent weight gain. These powerful anthocyanidins help strengthen blood vessels, as well as providing protection of the cardiovascular system overall. Nobody wants a blood vessel blowout or a clot in the middle of the blood stream. C3G is well known for reducing high blood pressure – another heart benefit. It also prevents the dangerous oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol – one of the first steps on the road to a heart attack or stroke. C3G helps the blood vessels to relax and open, rather than constricting and restricting; this allows the blood to travel with less force and drops the pressure. C3G even helps prevent blood clots from forming without thinning the blood. There may be no more powerful natural medicine to protect against heart disease than the C3G anthocyanidin antioxidant! Every diabetic needs the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and cardiovascular protecting abilities of C3G found in the Lonicera Berries. Since C3G helps stop sugar spikes that affect insulin levels, Lonicera could potentially have a therapeutic role in decreasing Type 2 diabetes. C3G increases adiponectin, a protein responsible for regulating blood sugar levels, insulin metabolism, cholesterol levels and it reduces inflammatory potentiators. Plus, Lonicera can protect against damage caused by diabetes. And the research is only just beginning to pour in!

What is it about the Lonicera Berry that makes it so beneficial to human health and vitality? Are some berries better than others? Experts have made rapid progress in revealing the amazing health benefits and longevity properties found LONICERA LONGEVITY Featuring the Lonicera Berries Dr. Charles A. Rouse, Jr. Registered Pharmacist, R.Ph., Doctor of Natural Medicine, N.M.D. in these modest berries. Their conclusion? The Lonicera Berry may be one of the most powerful and important natural health discoveries ever made! This tiny fruit is a nutritionally dense food. The berries contain a full spectrum of essential nutrients that are naturally chelated to fruit acids, which increases their ability to be absorbed into the body. This gives Lonicera the ability to facilitate the transfer of energy- thereby, keeping us healthier!

Research has given us a plethora of reasons to take Lonicera Berry. Some of the amazing benefits you can experience are as follows:

  • Extend Your Life

  • Increase Your Energy & Strength

  • Look & Feel Younger

  • Improve Your Blood Pressure

  • Support Eye Health (macular included)

  • Strengthen Your Cardiovascular System (including arteries, veins, & capillaries)

  • Inhibit Lipid Peroxidation (bad cholesterol)

  • Improve Immune Response

  • Protect DNA

  • Reduce Toxic Environmentals

  • Build Strong Blood (white & red blood cells included)

  • Fight Inflammation Strengthen Muscles

  • improve Kidney Function

  • Protect Against Free Radical Damage

  • Enhance Memory Support

  • Liver Function

  • Improve Digestion

  • Every Student a Better Student (better focus & retention)

  • Reduce Headaches & Dizziness

  • Enhance Athletic Recovery

In a perfect world, meeting our nutritional needs would be easy, but the world we live in asks more of us – and our bodies – every day. Busy schedules, sleep deprivation, stress and environmental toxins take a toll on everyone, even those who are active and fit. Whether you are just starting down the path to fitness or you’re training for another marathon, the physical demands that come with exercise will impact your post-workout recovery time, slow progress and even challenge your immune response. Putting Lonicera Longevity into your health protocol will make a world of difference! A 60-count bottle of the best high-quality Lonicera Berries should provide the polysaccharide (super antioxidant) equivalent of more than two pounds of fresh berries!

Dr Charles Rouse


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