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"In my 30 years, this is the best product I have ever created!" - Dr. Rouse

Longevity Nutrition

Purple Powder


Glutathione stands out as a vital component in cellular health, often referred to as the "master molecule of the human body" for its integral role in antioxidant defense and detoxification processes. Found extensively in bodily cells, with notable concentrations in vital organs like the liver and kidneys, glutathione, composed of amino acids, serves as a potent shield against oxidative stress and harmful toxins. Utilizing products such as Lonicera Longevity can enhance its production, fortifying cellular resilience. This essential molecule not only strengthens the immune system and supports healthy aging but also protects against age-related ailments such as cardiovascular issues and deteriorating eyesight. Neglecting to supply the body with sufficient glutathione precursors may lead to detrimental muscle breakdown, emphasizing the significance of prioritizing its replenishment for optimal health and longevity.

Brown Powder


Setria, the reduced form of L-glutathione, offers exceptional benefits for cellular health and antioxidant protection. Produced using fermentation technology, Setria glutathione provides the body with authentic amino acids crucial for maintaining optimal glutathione levels. Studies have confirmed its high absorption and utilization when taken orally, making it an effective supplement for protecting cells from oxidative stress and supporting liver function. Lonicera Longevity incorporates both absorbable glutathione and precursors/co-factors essential for endogenous glutathione production, ensuring comprehensive support for individuals with varying metabolic conditions. By providing Setria glutathione in its bioavailable tripeptide form, Lonicera Longevity bypasses potential metabolic errors and offers antioxidant protection to those who need it most. With its vegetarian, allergen-free formulation and backing by reputable scientific research, Setria stands as a vital component of Lonicera Longevity, promoting overall health and well-being.


Lonicera Berries

Lonicera berries, also known as Haskap or Honeyberry, thrive in Canada's cool climate without pest or disease interference, attracting researchers' interest due to their longevity properties. Rich in cyanidin-3-glucoside (C3G), these berries have garnered attention in natural medicine for their extensive health benefits, including improving conditions like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. C3G strengthens blood vessels, prevents blood clots, reduces high blood pressure, and offers cardiovascular protection without thinning the blood. Additionally, it aids in managing insulin levels, reducing inflammation, and enhancing overall health and vitality. These potent berries serve as a convenient and powerful natural supplement to support various health goals.


Maqui Berries


Maqui berries, abundant in anthocyanidin C3G, offer potent antioxidant benefits crucial for combating oxidative stress and inflammation, the root causes of many modern diseases. With an ORAC value in the thousands, Maqui's rich composition, including resveratrol and oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs), contributes to its powerhouse of health benefits, from cardiovascular support to inflammation reduction and improved blood sugar metabolism. Its ability to promote brown adipose tissue aids in weight management and muscle preservation, making Maqui a valuable addition to any health regimen for overall well-being.



SelenoExcell, a high-selenium supplement derived from a specialized strain of non-GMO baker’s yeast, offers increased bioavailability and crucial health benefits for the body. Selenium, a trace mineral, functions as a component of the antioxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase, pivotal in preventing free radical damage to cell membranes. Low selenium levels are linked to higher risks of cancer, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory diseases, and weakened immune function. SelenoExcell's unique yeast strain enhances selenium absorption and utilization without posing any health risks, providing benefits such as decreased oxidative stress, enhanced immune function, reduced risk of heart disease and cancer, improved prostate health, liver function, memory preservation, and proper tissue healing. Combined with specialized amino acids for glutathione production, SelenoExcell forms a powerful defense system in Lonicera Longevity, supporting overall health and longevity by bolstering the body's immune defenses and promoting cellular health.

Pink Oil


SenTraMin, comprising 75 freeze-dried colloidal plant minerals, enhances the nutritional value of Lonicera Longevity by offering minerals with a negative Zeta potential for optimal absorption and usability. These hydrophilic plant minerals, naturally extracted with pure water, surpass their metallic counterparts in absorption efficiency. Trace minerals are essential for cellular energy, mental clarity, alkalinity improvement, pain reduction, inflammation alleviation, and glucose metabolism. They serve as activators for cellular rejuvenation, promoting anti-aging processes and overall well-being, even aiding in the reversal of graying hair and early cataracts. Fluvic and humic acids in SenTraMin restore vitality throughout the body and regulate the immune system by supplying vital electrolytes and chelating toxins. The benefits of trace elements span various bodily functions, including bone health, blood clotting, muscle and nerve function, glucose metabolism, and antioxidant enzyme activity, making SenTraMin a crucial component for maintaining overall health and vitality.


Siliphos, a combination of silybin from milk thistle and phospholipids, offers advanced liver health support by enhancing the body's absorption and utilization of silymarin. This unique formulation provides potent liver-protective benefits, including increased glutathione levels, reduced inflammation, and stimulation of liver cell regeneration. Siliphos improves bile solubility, making it particularly beneficial for individuals with gallstones or fatty liver infiltration. As the liver plays a crucial role in detoxification, Siliphos serves as a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger, supporting the liver's function in processing drugs and environmental toxins. It is well-tolerated and safe, making it an essential component of Lonicera Longevity for anyone seeking optimal liver health and protection in our modern industrial age.

Milk Thistle
Yellow Oil

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3, also known as cholecalciferol, is essential for regulating calcium metabolism and supporting overall health, including cardiovascular health, bone density, muscle function, and immune response. Clinical studies have linked adequate vitamin D levels to a longer and healthier lifespan. However, many individuals do not obtain sufficient vitamin D3 from diet or sunlight exposure, especially those living in northern climates, working indoors, or with darker skin. Supplementation with vitamin D3 becomes crucial for maintaining optimal levels. Beyond its well-known benefits for bone and immune health, vitamin D3 has been associated with improved cognitive function, immune response, and prostate health. It also plays a role in insulin sensitivity, cell growth, and anti-aging effects. Symptoms such as chronic pain, tooth sensitivity, and scalp discomfort may indicate a deficiency in vitamin D3, highlighting the importance of ensuring adequate intake for overall well-being.

Organic Rice

R Lipoic Acid

R-lipoic acid, particularly in its bio-enhanced sodium salt form (Na-R-LA), is a potent antioxidant crucial for protecting against oxidative stress and supporting overall health. Its enhanced stability, solubility, and bioavailability ensure efficient delivery to blood and tissue levels, benefiting vital organs like the liver, nerves, brain, and eyes. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining blood sugar levels, supporting insulin sensitivity, and blocking oxidative stress in the eyes. Its neuroprotective qualities offset the risk of dementia, while it also contributes to preserving bone density, chelating toxins, reducing inflammation, and alleviating migraine headaches. With clinical indications spanning diabetes management, eye health, brain function, liver support, energy production, and skin health, Na-R-LA is an essential component of any longevity product, offering comprehensive antioxidant protection and metabolic support for overall well-being.

Nu-Flow Organic®

Nu-Flow is made from rice hulls that are sterilized and ground to a fine powder.  The rice plant takes up the silica from the soil and concentrates it in the hulls of the rice. It is used in Lonicera Longevity to improve processing flows and encapsulation.  This replaces synthetics and anti-caking agents such as silicon dioxide, tri-calcium phosphate (talc) maltodextrin or magnesium stearate. Now the product provides an organic, natural ingredient.  Nu-Flow is a highquality, specialty ingredient with a food-grade rating. 

Lonicera longevity Product

Lonicera Longevity

The World's Best in Immune Support Nutrition featuring DUAL FORM GLUTATHIONE (DFG)



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