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Sentria and it's Support for Total Health with a Reduced Form of L-Glutathione

Reduced Form of L-Glutathione

This specialized form of glutathione is produced by a fermentation technology utilizing specialty enzymes and water. This form of glutathione is very safe, all natural and provides total authentic qualities of each amino acid in the peptide links. Today, with a focus on these positive effects, this reduced form of L-glutathione is being used as health food. It is the wave of the future.


Setria glutathione is the glutathione itself which is highly absorbed and utilized when taken orally. This reduced form of glutathione is the small protein molecule composed of the actual glutathione tripeptide amino acids: glutamate + cysteine + glycine. The big controversy with glutathione supplementation has been whether taking glutathione orally is absorbed and effectively raises glutathione levels. The newest research has now firmly established that it is able to produce these benefits, and Kyowa-Hakko’s Setria glutathione is leading the way with some very impressive results!

In the Lonicera Longevity capsule are two astute approaches to glutathione elevation. In the longevity amino acid blend, the product provides the world’s best precursors and co-factors that give the body the essential building blocks it can use to endogenously (originating or produced within the organism) produce its own glutathione. It is critical that the body receives a constant supply of glutathione or its precursors in order to maintain adequate levels. Lonicera Longevity is first to the world market to provide BOTH the absorbable glutathione AND the building blocks for making glutathione. Ideally, taking a reduced form of glutathione (Setria) can be extremely important when the goal is protecting cells from oxidative stress or helping where the liver has been damaged, which leads to the depositing of fat within the liver. There is a growing epidemic in the world of people suffering from non-alcoholic, fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The fatty liver is tightly linked with obesity and insulin resistance.

In the research on the orally absorbed Setria glutathione, the researchers first looked at free, unbound glutathione in the blood, but were also able to measure therapeutic levels of glutathione bound to protein. The results showed that the levels of glutathione bound to protein increased significantly after glutathione supplementation.

Why did Lonicera Longevity choose to be first to market with both the precursors/co-factors + the preformed glutathione (Setria)? Because endogenous glutathione production is determined by genetics as well as the environmental influences in and around the cells. This means there are a lot of unknowns regarding whether someone can truly achieve the increase of glutathione production with simply providing the precursor supplementation. Now with Setria in the product as well, the chance that someone who can’t efficiently produce it from the building blocks is eliminated. For some people, their genetics, disease processes or environmental exposures prevent them from effectively optimizing glutathione production. This is because certain enzymatic factions are altered and thus, hinder their glutathione production or glutathione metabolism, despite excellent nutrient intake as in the Lonicera Longevity amino blend. There are a wide range of metabolic conditions that mess with certain enzymes and can disrupt one of the major steps in glutathione synthesis by catalyzing glutathione synthase. Without glutathione synthase the body can’t make glutathione in adequate quantities. Some of these metabolic conditions are aging, diabetes, gallbladder problems, alcoholic liver disease, schizophrenia, neurodegenerative disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, HIV, and cancer.

Science is just beginning to touch the surface of the complexity involved in glutathione regulation in the human body. Lonicera Longevity is designed to support those who can effectively regulate glutathione levels and even those who cannot. Setria provides the preformed glutathione in its tripeptide form that is 100% bioavailable and physiologically active from the get-go. Lonicera Longevity bypasses the myriad of potential metabolic errors that could interfere with its production in those who are physiologically compromised. Now we can offer antioxidant protection to those who need it most. Oral supplementation of Setria’s glutathione does not inhibit or suppress the body’s endogenous production, so it is possible to get the best of both in those who are non-compromised. Setria is delivered in a vegetarian and allergen-free form, with no additives, preservatives or artificial flavors. The research on absorbability thus far with Setria is indisputable and it is backed by one of the most respected glutathione scientists in the country: John Richie, PhD from Penn State.

Dr Charles Rouse


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