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SenTraMin Trace Minerals and the Effectiveness in Providing Optimal Health

75 Freeze Dried Colloidal Plant Minerals

This purest form of minerals increases the nutritional value of the Lonicera Longevity product. They have a negative Zeta potential (negative electrical charge) that is known to be most beneficial for absorption and usability. Hydrophilic plant minerals are 100% water-soluble and naturally extracted with only pure water, offering greater absorption than minerals still in their raw metal form. These are colloidal plant minerals for the maintenance of good health. There is a huge difference between a soil or rock derived metallic mineral and the plant minerals in SenTraMin. Even though plant and metallic minerals possess the same name, they are quite different from one another.

Green Plant SenTraMin

Trace minerals are more important than vitamins because without trace minerals there would be no vitamins or even life as we know it. Health is based on proper absorption of phyto-minerals (plantminerals), and if the body becomes mineral deficient or imbalanced, a plethora of degenerative problems ensue. The body needs the ionic energy blast in every cell these minerals help provide.

Only when the body has proper mineral intake will cells boost energy levels and increase mental clarity. It takes effective trace minerals to improve the body’s alkalinity. Even the reduction of pain and inflammation is subject to the availability of minerals. Blood sugar levels cannot improve unless the minerals needed in glucose utilization are available. Trace minerals are the activators for cellular rejuvenation. Longevity means stimulating the anti-aging processes, and the minerals are a critical component in the feel-good game. I have even known cases of reversing the effects of graying hair and early cataracts when the minerals are started early in life. You can count on the minerals in SenTraMin to help minimize general aches and pains. When the pains subside, the overall well-being is drastically increased. The fluvic and humic acids in SenTraMin are of such ionic potency they can restore vitality throughout the entire body, including the brain. SenTraMin is in Lonicera Longevity to promote an electro-chemical balance that modulates and regulates the immune system by supplying vital electrolytes. If the fluvic acid runs into a heavy metal or a pollutant, it has the capacity to chelate the toxin and move it out of the body so it does no harm.

Benefits of Trace Minerals:

  • Healthy Bones & Teeth

  • Assists in Blood Clotting

  • Muscle Contraction

  • Nerve Transmission

  • Glucose Metabolism and Blood Sugar Regulation

  • Red Blood Cell Formation

  • Central Nervous System Function

  • Formation of Connective Tissue

  • Catalyst to Store and Release Iron

  • Helps Form Hemoglobin

  • Essential for the Thyroid Hormone

  • Supports Metabolism

  • Important for Brain Function

  • Activates Over 100 Enzymes

  • Helps Nerve and Muscle Activity

  • Contributes to Normal Growth and Development

  • Regulates Heartbeat

  • Maintains Fluid Balance

  • Helps Muscles Contract Key to Antioxidant Enzymes

  • Necessary for Hair, Skin, Nails

  • Improves Digestion

  • Critical for Wound Healin

Dr Charles Rouse


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